Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. 

My name is Bethany,
and I am a certified 
Sign Language 
Interpreter in Nashville, TN 
(and the surrounding areas). 
I hold national certification through the Registry of Interpreters of the   Deaf (NIC) as well as certification as a Qualified Mental Health     Interpreter (QMHI) through the state of Alabama. 

If you have any questions or comments after pursuing the information found here,
feel free to contact me at any time!

Have a happy day.


A Variety of Testimonials:

An agency owner:

"As the owner of an agency, there are three things most important to me, when hiring an interpreter: ethics, skills, and professionalism. Of all the interpreters who do work for my agency, Bethany sets the highest bar in each of these areas, while serving as the epitome of what an interpreter should be. Additionally, it is an absolute pleasure working with Bethany as she embodies the qualities that make for a top-notch and well-rounded interpreter – she has a positive attitude, she is flexible, she is a wonderful communicator, and she is kind enough to laugh at my very stupid jokes! In a nutshell, Bethany brings great joy to both myself, as well as our clients with whom she works."

-Dani T'Wanda, Owner - Interpreting Associates, LLC

Deaf professionals:

"I consider Bethany as one of the reliable and qualified interpreters.  Without a doubt, she facilitates effective communication between signers and non-signers.  I have been always been impressed with her professionalism.  I must add that I have been always pleased with outcomes of meetings involving her as an interpreter.  I look forward to using her again in future." 

-Kim Thornsberry, MS, ALC, CRC, Mental Health Therapist for the Deaf

“Bethany is an awesome person to work with!  She is a rare soul; she has this infectious energy that makes you want to work next to her!  She has glittered all of her love, talents, enthusiasm and unwavering commitment in her position as an interpreter through Bridges (Serving the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Communities) in Davidson and surrounding counties.  Her positive energy is contagious!!!”                  

-Mike Helms, Director of Adult Education and Outreach at Bridges

A fellow interpreter:

Teaming with a Bethany is truly a pleasure and comforting. I know when working with Bethany, I have a team who is attentive to the interpreting process at all times and quick to provide assistance when needed. Each time we work together I know I can expect to learn new and creative ways to articulate various concepts into ASL. Bethany's level of professionalism and ethics are superb and refreshing. Anytime I get the opportunity to work together, I smile.  

Peter Dublin, NIC